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How did it all begin?

Jason wanted to create an idea that would allow him to practice his audio engineering skills. He asked Ryan, a Motivational Coach, to join in, and together they decided that it would be amazing to create a podcast that empowered millennials in overcoming self-imposed barriers to success. They got together one fine afternoon to record episode 1, and, well, the rest is history.

With 10 episodes and over 3000 plays online, the duo continue to bring thoughtful, insightful information that is receiving rave reviews from their audience.

Ryan (left) & Jason (right)

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Featured Episodes

Episode 10: Let’s Make Confidence Stick

Having trouble being confident? We feel like “Confidence” is at an all time low, especially for us Millennials. Ryan and Jason tackle this topic head on and discuss the many issues that come with finding our confidence level. In this episode we’ll...

Episode 9: How to Sacrifice in order to Succeed

“Sacrifice” can be a very intimidating word, which is why Jason and Ryan tackle it head on in Episode 9 of #HowToLife. It is always difficult to decipher what we are supposed to do, or what we should be sacrificing, in order to gain in the long run. Join...

Episode 8: How Can We Manage Time?

Does it feel like there’s never enough time in the day? That time seems to fly by without notice? It can be overwhelming learning to manage your time, and even more confusing when you try to do it. Ryan and Jason understand the...

Episode 7: What Does Money Really Mean?

Talking about Money can be a little awkward, That’s why Ryan and Jason tackle the subject of Money head on in their latest episode. In Episode 7 of How To Life, we discuss topics like: Finding the value within yourself without being overshadowed by Money How to...

[Webinar] Learn To Network #LikeABoss

Miss The Webinar? No worries! On November 19, 2015 Muji and Ryan conducted a webinar to answer YOUR questions on the topic of networking. In this post you’ll find the following:   Webinar Replay Ryan’s Networking Book –>>>>>>...

Episode 6: Planning Your Life After Graduation [Part 2]

CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 About to graduate? If so, this How To Life 2-part episode is dedicated to you. We know just how daunting it can be to enter into the ‘real-world’ and we wanted to give you some insight and advice to help you along the way. In part 2...

The Team

Ryan Coelho

Ryan Coelho

Co-Host, Head Coach

Ryan has an extreme passion for helping people better understand their motivation. That’s why on this podcast he coaches Jason on overcoming everyday life challenges that many people face. His goal is that Jason and the audience learn more about what why things happen in their lives and what they can do to take more control of it. Learn more about him and his work at RyanCoelho.com

Jason Leung

Jason Leung

Co-Host, Audio Engineer

Jason Leung is the Co-host, sound editor and producer for the How To Life podcast. He loves music, horror movies, his family, his girlfriend and the Toronto Raptors. He graduated from York University with a diploma in English, then moved on to pursue his passion in audio by attending Recording Arts Canada (RAC), graduating with a diploma in Sound and Music Recording. He is excited to lead the technical aspect for How To Life, producing each weeks episode and adding theme music when ever possible. His main interest for this podcast is gaining self-motivation and inspiring others to follow their own passion, no matter how crazy it may seem.

Marika Escaravage

Marika Escaravage

Guest Contributor, Marketing Lead

Marika loves laughter, good food, and unraveling the mysteries of what makes us human. Her career as a spokesperson and marketer for international social justice organizations has helped leverage her passion for helping others and her fascination with our beautifully diverse planet. Marika is pleased to bring her perspectives to the How to Life community and is particularly interested in discussing the influence of gender and family history on the challenges we face.

Mujahid Hemani

Mujahid Hemani

Webinar Lead

Mujahid is the guy who loves a good story. Whether he is telling or listening, he loves the human connection. Having an entrepreneurial background and a passion for leadership, he uses his skills to find new innovations for society. A networker at heart, he isn’t afraid of conversation and making connections. If you are a movie buff like him, you will get along with him just fine. Mujahid is the jack of all trades. He is our run around man for the How to Life Team, conducting interviews, organizing events, and everything in between.

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